Do you have a large yard or garden, with no time to mow it on your own? Maybe the time is now to consider a robotic lawn mower. In recent years, there has been a steep spike in demand for the latest robot mower models.

And the Robomow RS 630 is one the best robot lawn mower with wireless connectivity, ideal for large yards up to 0.75 acres in size. If you are looking for an in-depth and impartial review of this robotic mower, you have come to the right place. Let’s start with the essential features.


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Product Specifications

  • An entirely automated lawn mower with a maximum mowing capacity of 0.75 acres.
  • Armed with twin blades, which promise a cutting width of around 22 inches.
  • Has a 44W electric motor inside and comes with a dedicated charging dock or base station.
  • Can be controlled remotely using a dedicated app, or an optional remote control.
  • Has advanced sensors inside, and the ability to cut in multiple zones.
  • A child safety lock, special edge-cutting mode, anti-theft alarms, and 1,300 feet of wire (as this is NOT a mower without perimeter wire requirements).

Setup and Configuration

Robomow perimeter wire

This is not a robot lawn mower without perimeter wiring. That means that the initial configuration can be a real pain in the butt. If you want to say an indefinite goodbye to mowing your lawn manually, you have to spend an entire afternoon preparing your yard for the robot. This involves creating a perimeter using the green metal wires provided as part of the package. And trust us when we say that it is hard work. You will have to line the entire perimeter of your yard with this wire. And if you have multiple zones or beds you want the robot to avoid, that means extra work marking out those zones. But seeing as you won’t have to bother mowing your lawn from the next day, we suppose it is a fair price.

The Robomow RS 630 is perfect for up to 3,000 m² lawn.

Controls & Interface


After the nightmare that is initial setup, the controls of this mower is a surprising relief. Since it runs largely automated, you don’t have much tweaking to do. You can set the mowing schedule and the height at which you want to maintain the blades of grass in your yard. The robot can keep it at anywhere between 0.78 to 3.14 inches. You can add and remove zones, specify whether you want the mower to work during rains. The app interface is pretty slick and does a good job. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the mower.

Cutting Performance Robomow RS630

Cutting Performance

The twin silver coated blades grant this mower one of the widest cutting reaches among all similar devices. The cutting performance is decent, but nothing exceptional. This robot has somewhat haphazard looking movements across the yard, but eventually, it does get the job done without missing any spots. The sensors allow it to detect any obstructions, backtrack, and then try to get around those. Performance in uneven terrain is pretty decent, though it will get stuck in muddy areas with no grass. And with an ability to handle 36-degree slopes, this robot did impress us with its performance on uneven terrain.

The razor-sharp rotating blades cuts the grass gently without damaging it.

Performance of The Motor

Robomow RS630 cutting grass

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Since you have a 44W electric motor under the hood, don’t expect aggressive cutting action. If the grass is too thick and lush, the robot will struggle. But if you program it for daily trims, it can easily do a commendable job. And you have to remember that this mower does not have a bag to collect all that cut grass. That shouldn’t be a concern with regular trims, as the small clipping should disappear into the ground without a trace. The brushless motor also ensures a smooth and quiet operation with decent power savings.

The Robomow RS 630 mulches the cutting grass so it fertilizes the soil.

Battery and Chargingbattery Robomow RS630

This is a robot lawn mower with automated charging, so if it runs out of juice in the midst of mowing, it should be able to get back to the docking station for refills. And talking about the charge, it takes 120 minutes to fill that lithium battery inside. The mower can operate for an hour/hour and a half on that single charge. If you want a solar powered lawn mower, sadly, this is not the one for you as it does not have solar power technology. You might have to try some other brands for a solar lawn mower robot.

It has the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4) battery with an excellent life cycling.

Durability and Build Quality

There is a reason why Robomow earns such rave review scores from critics and users alike. This is a robot lawn mower with top-notch build quality. It handled all kinds of rough ground conditions and adverse weather with equal aplomb. The entire device looks very sturdy and well put together. Since this is an outdoors robot, it is built to withstand the elements.

Automated lawnmowing provides health lawn growth and reduces the weeds.

A Few Noticeable Flaws

With reduced power comes reduced blade speed and cutting performance. Do not expect perfectly bowed blades of grass everywhere, and you will not be disappointed. But you will have to deal with occasions where this little fellow does get tangled with vines or somehow immobilized in some way. And it does have some overheating issues, especially in hot summers. Above all, we wish they would come out with a mower without perimeter wire installation requirements. And controlling it with the remote takes time, so you will have to carry it around if you want to get it from your front yard to the back for instance.


  • Bluetooth connectivity and App support
  • Wide cutting blades
  • Almost silent operation
  • Autonomous function with automated charging
  • Durable build quality
  • Works in uneven terrain


  • Requires extensive perimeter wire setup
  • Electric motor is not very powerful
  • Remote movement controls could have been better
  • Does get stuck occasionally

Final Thoughts

The Robomow RS 630 extremely capable at what it does. Sure it has its limitations, as It is not a robot lawn mower without perimeter wiring. Nor does it run on green solar power, but it is incredibly quiet and can get things done without constant supervision. Online robot lawn mower reviews by users indicate that people are generally satisfied with what this little guy manages to get done. So until they manage to release one without perimeter wire limitations, we would advise you to stick with this fellow for yards under .75 acres in size.

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