Technological advancements have brought about new products that make our lives easier and comfortable. You can now buy a robotic lawn mower and sit under the shade as you watch the machine cut your garden to your desired standards. This is made even better by Bosch for introducing the most reliable and efficient features on a robotic mower. This robot mower will impress you because it is one of the strongest lawn trimming machines in the market today.

The review contains the specifications, features, pros, and cons of Bosch Indego 350 robotic lawn mower.

Specifications Bosch Indego 350

The market today features many models of robot lawn mowers released by powerful brands such as Bosch Indego. To understand the unique features and capabilities of Bosch Indego robotic lawnmower, we are going to compare it to Robomow’s RS615.

Features Robomow RS615 Bosch Indego
Lawn coverage 1500 sq meters 1000 sq meters
Time taken to mow 55-70 minutes 50 minutes
Slope capability 20° 20°
Charging Time 90 – 110 minutes 50 minutes
Noise Level 72 – 66 dB 58 dB
Weight 20 kg 11.1 kg
Dimensions 73.5 x 66 x 31 cm 58 x 46 x 25.5 cm
Mobile App Yes Yes
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Main features Bosch Indego

Robot Lawn Mower Bosch Indego

Navigation system

Bosch Indego automatic robotic lawn mower uses the Logicut navigation technology to move around the garden allowing it to mow in parallel lines. Unlike the random system, Logicut calculates the most efficient route first to ensure effective lawn cutting. This feature is complemented by a built-in memory system that will recall the route it has already passed through. After mowing, this lawn mower robot collects and analyzes data about the shape, size, obstacles, weather condition, and slope of the garden for improved efficiency next time.

Power system

This mower has a 32V Lithium-ion battery that powers it alongside an electric motor. The battery is recharged for 50 minutes.

power system bosch indego

This lawn mower is ecofriendly since it neither emits pollutant gases nor makes noise when mowing. This great feature allows you to leave it mowing overnight without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

With the help of sensors, this robot lawn mower is able to know when it needs to recharge. When a recharge is needed, the mower goes to the charging station following the perimeter wire. This, however, is not possible for a robot lawn mower without perimeter wire.

Safety features

Safety feature PIN Bosch Indego

Bosch designed this robot lawn mower with bounce and obstacle sensors that help it avoid any interference on the garden. Interestingly, the mower will remember the obstacle’s location the next time it is mowing the same lawn. It also makes alterations to determine the best way to avoid the route next time.

To prevent unauthorized people from taking the lawn mower, Bosch has installed a PIN and alarm system. You will set the PIN and input it every time the alarm sounds. The alarm sounds when children or thieves touch the mower, making it is a good safety measure.

Bosch has also modelled this robot lawn mower with tilt and lift sensors that help stop the blades each time you want to move it so that it does not cause any harm to you.


  • The motor is quiet
  • It mows fast
  • Mows on small to medium lawn areas
  • It comes fitted with safety features


  • Its blades cannot cut grass along the fence or wall.
  • It cannot move from one lawn area to the other.
  • It is not fit for sloppy gardens.
  • It has no rain sensor and cannot work without perimeter wire.

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Important notes

Every lawn mower has unique features that increase or lower its demand. When shopping for one, you should draw a line on what type of mower to look out for. The factors below will help you determine the mower you want:

  • Type of power utilized
  • Size of your lawn
  • The cut quality you need
  • Type of lawn mower you want to buy
  • Type of garden and the cutting radius
  • Type of wheels you need on the mower

You can be sure that your garden will be mowed fast, accurately, and efficiently. This is because the robot lawn mower works with a perimeter wire. It would be difficult to complete the tasks if you bought the robot lawn mower without perimeter wire. Based on various robot lawn mower reviews featuring this model, however, many customers are disturbed by the fact that it cannot move to a separate lawn area.


The factors below will help you determine whether you can work with Bosch Indego 350 automatic robotic lawn mower.

  • The garden’s size is 1000 sq meters.
  • The garden should not have any obstacles.
  • The garden has one lawn.
  • The garden should be relatively flat.
  • You can use a mobile app.
  • You should be ready to remove the leaves when required.
  • Cannot mow the lawn efficiently without perimeter wire.
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