Lawn mowing is a necessary activity in residential and institutional environments. To make this task easy, you want a lawn mower that is not only powerfully reliable but also durable. John Deere is a prominent company that makes such lawn mowers. The company specializes in making highly efficient mowers and has a reputation for making some of the best automatic lawn mower models. This article is a review of Tango E5 Series and includes the mower’s specifications, unique features, pros, and cons.


John Deere robot lawn mower is designed to satisfy the needs of people who want to maintain a beautiful lawn without actually having to do it themselves at a low price. All you have to do is install the desired settings and your Tango E5 autonomous lawn mower robot will do all the work for you! As part of the robot lawn mower reviews, the table below provides a comparison of the specs of the deer Tango E5 and those of the Husqvarna 430.

Model Specification Tango E5 Husqvarna 430
Total lawn coverage 2200 square meters  3200 square meters
Level of noise 58dB 58dB
Mowing time 90 minutes 135 minutes
Time taken to fully charge 80 minutes 65 minutes
Mobile App usage No Yes
Mower weight 15Kg 13.2Kg
Dimensions in cm 75.5×53.5×36 72.1×55.8×30
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Main Features

The Power System

The Tango E5 series is a robot lawn mower with a 25V Lithium-ion battery that takes up to 80 minutes to fully charge. For maximum power, John Deere Tango E5 has an electric motor that works alongside the battery giving this robotic mower a 90-minute mowing time. The drawback associated with this is that mowing a large lawn will require the recharging of the mower forcing you to wait for 80 minutes. Nonetheless, this will not affect the ability of the mower to work on your lawn.

Auto charge

Autocharge Tango robot lawn mower

The Tango E5 John Deere robot lawn mower comes with a charging station that is supposed to be installed near your lawn. After installing the perimeter wire that also comes with the mower, this automatic robot will make its way to the charging station once the battery runs low. It will sit at the station until fully charged before resuming its mowing duty. All you have to do is install it and watch it do all the work for you!

Mowing Pattern

John Deere Tango E5 may not be a lawn mower with GPS but it comes with sensors that help it to sense the installed perimeter wire automatically when mowing. Once on the garden, the mower will move randomly when cutting the lawn to ensure that no tire tracks are left behind. The sensors also help the mower to avoid any obstacles that may be on the garden.

John Deere Tango robot is a lawn mower set to adapt to areas with long grass ensuring that you maintain a tidy lawn. This means that you will not need to reset the mower every now and then. To make sure that the lawn is cut evenly, you can send this autonomous lawn mower robot to trim the rough edges. The mowing pattern, however, will be rugged without perimeter wire.

John Deere Robotic Tango E5 series II

Separate Lawn Gardens

If you have two different lawns that you need this John Deere Tango E5 to cut, then you can be sure that it will handle all the work. However, you have to install the perimeter wire around the two areas to allow the mower to sense the boundaries. A pathway also has to be in place so that the robotic lawn mower can move around with ease. If there is no perimeter wire or pathway linking the two separate areas, you will have to carry it around. The good thing about John Deere tango robot is that it is light for easy portability. The mowing of separate areas, however, will still be impossible for the robot lawn mower without perimeter wire.

Eco friendly

This electric lawn robot mower can also be referred to as a solar lawn mower robot since the power station relies on solar power for charge generation. The solar powered lawn mower is friendly to the environment since it is less noisy compared to some robot lawn mower with perimeter.

Safety Features

features tango john deere e5

This lawn mower John Deere version comes with various safety features that increase its usability and they include:

  • An alarm and PIN setup system
    This lawn mower John Deere version is designed with a PIN setup system that helps protect it against unauthorized usage or theft. When its alarm system goes off, you will need to input the PIN code to use it again. If a thief or kids try to play with this John Deere Tango robot, the alarm system will go off with the aim of notifying you or scaring away the unauthorized user. These settings, however, will not affect the mowing ability of the lawn mower John Deere version in any way since it is automatic.
  • Lift and tilt sensors
    The lawn mower John Deere version is fitted with lift and tilt sensors that allow you to safely change the blades or move it around. This is because it stops running when lifted or tilted.
  • Handle touch sensors
    To complement the lift and tilt sensors, this lawn mower John Deere version has a handle that you can use for safe lifting or tilting. The handle touch sensors stop the automower whenever you touch the handle allowing you to move it easily.

  • Decent blade speed and cutting width
  • Comes with lots of advanced sensors
  • Silent operation due to smooth electric motor
  • Mostly automated functioning


  • Cannot mow two separate gardens without perimeter wire or pathway
  • It’s a robot lawn mower with no rain sensors
  • Difficult to operate on sloppy grounds

Important notes

Before buying any lawn mowing robot, you should take into account the following factors:

  • The coverage area
  • The power system of the robot
  • Ability to use a mobile app
  • Charging and mowing time
  • Safety measures in place


Technology has allowed various companies to develop mowers that work automatically. The lawn mower John Deere series is one of the most effective lawn mowers that are available to customers at a low cost. It is an automatic lawn mower with a low noise level and the ability to move around the garden with ease. Although it only operates on flat lawns and has no rain sensors, it is a reliable and effective automated lawn equipment. It utilizes solar power, requires little maintenance, and is environment friendly. The robot lawn mower, however, won’t work without perimeter wire.